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There were several standout micro entries this month, and it made choosing one really tough. Everyone who made it onto the voting grid should feel proud of themselves. This month in just 45 words, Hema told a complete story of an unlikely superhero. The detail of having him eat microwaved fish cemented just how much of an antihero he is (there’s a special place in hell reserved for people who microwave fish at the office). The reader is left uncertain whether he’s really been unmasked, or whether he’s so unlikely that his co-workers will second guess themselves.

“Wait, Phil rescued a kid from under a bus?” Liza whispers.

They’re huddled around Darla’s computer. “Thick glasses, balding head, yeah, it’s him.”

“Wow! Who knew!” Liza glances in my direction.

I scoot deeper into my cube and take a bite of my microwaved fish.


13 thoughts on “Phil from Accounting

    1. mixedbag Post author

      Thank you, Anusha! I know the site’s acting weird, but it’s doing it only for a few people. Have to figure it out. But I did get your comment! This was a tough one, wasn’t it?

  1. Laissez Faire

    Who heats of fish in the office? Tsk tsk. LOL. Guess she’s not trying to go undetected. 😉
    FYI, “kid from coming under a bus” almost made me choke, ’cause here in America that would be a very questionable phrase. o.O

  2. Carrie Houghton

    I love it that Phil from accounting is so much more than he seems! I like the microwaved fish line- it really conveys his “normalcy.”

  3. Laura

    Congrats Hema! The microwaved fish was a great touch – I’d have a hard time believing that guy could be a hero, too, lol

    1. mixedbag Post author

      Haha! Thanks, Laura! Like Asha said, there;s a special place in hell for people who microwave fish 🙂


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