My Happy Place

      No Comments on My Happy Place most definitely, the farmers’ market. I absolutely love fresh produce and all those freshly baked breads. The sun came out after a really long time this morning, so we made a trip to the farmers’ market and went out to lunch later. I so love days like this 🙂  We bought some strawberries, although they’re not in season but M, my toddler daughter loves them! We got some persimmons and the nice fruit lady threw in an apple-pear for free. I should probably take M along every time we go to the farmers’ market. She always manages to get us some freebies just by being her cute self haha!

I saw some huge emu eggs, but didn’t buy them. Apparently they taste exactly like regular eggs but they’re extra fluffy. I also got a really yummy looking slice of focaccia bread with sundried tomatoes and olives. Some photos –

Emu eggs

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