How’s it February Already?!

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I meant to write an end of the year post in December, but I couldn’t. And then I meant to write a happy new year post, but I couldn’t! I blinked and it’s mid-February! I’ve been in a weird funk since the beginning of this year, but a lot has happened (lot is relative, okay?) in my writing life over the past couple of months!

I have 2 pieces published and one coming soon! This is all thanks to Smokelong Quarterly’s year long workshop. Coz I have zero self discipline and I can only write in workshops. Yeah I’m that kinda writer now.

So, my January publication is 07:15 Fast Local” published in the wonderful Five South Journal. Read it here. I was inspired by Hindi movies of the 70s—think Amol Palekar in Gharonda or Naseeruddin shah in Katha. These movies portrayed the middle-class Indian Everyman so beautifully, bringing characters we usually find in the background into the protagonist’s role. Hope I’ve succeeded in doing that with the middle -aged commuter.

My most recent publication went live yesterday. Executive Assistants is now on Bending Genres! Inspired by executive assistants at my workplace, a lifetime ago. Hope you enjoy!

Also, yours truly has bagged a spot in the Best MicroFiction 2023 anthology! It makes me so proud that my little micro will share space with flash fiction greats like Kathy Fish and Tommy Dean!

Outside of my writing world, life goes on as normal. My obsession with K-dramas continues. Work and parenting is exhausting so, k-dramas are something I really look forward to. I just started “Crash Course in Romance” and I’m in love once again.

Since I cannot commit to watching only one thing, I’m also watching Little Women and Sky Castle in parallel. These are master classes in plot and character!

I’ll stop now coz I can talk about k-dramas (and BTS) all day long. If you’ve watched any interesting shows or read any great books lately, let me know!

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