Holiday Baking – Date and Honey Cake

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Happy Holidays, everybody! I found this recipe on Pinterest and just had to bake this for the holidays. It screams Christmas and has two of my favorites things – dates and honey! See the original recipe here. I absolutely love glazes! I love that you can just pour it over a cake instead of having to frost the whole thing. I’m a bit lazy like that 🙂

I however, made a few changes to the original recipe –

– I made two layers instead of three, because I only have one 8-inch cake pan 🙂
– I added a 1/4 cup of chopped walnuts, just because I like the crunch of nuts in a cake.
– I made a simple sugar and vanilla glaze with half the ingredients from the original recipe. Somehow, 3 cups of powdered sugar seemed too sweet for me, and since I had only two layers, it worked out for me.
– The recipe calls for spiced rum, which I didn’t want to use, since my toddler will be eating it, and I didn’t have it on hand anyway. So I just used water.
– Also, I didn’t have dried tarragon, so I just left it out.

The cake is beautifully moist and the spices in this cake are such a perfect complement to the sweet glaze. I have a very happy husband and a very happy little girl. I’m sure my stocking is going to be full of goodies 🙂 Once again, wish you all a very very happy holiday season 🙂

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