Easy as Pie…Not!

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Hi Everybody! Hope you had a wonderful time at Thanksgiving. This year, I attempted to make a slice of Americana (see what I did there?) – a Pumpkin Pie. After some roadblocks, me pulling out my hair, alternating between feeling like the worst baker and some optimism, this here is how it finally came out.

Pumpkin Pie

Not bad, right? I was originally going to post ‘how to bake a pumpkin pie’ but after my experience, a better way is to just list what went wrong with my method so you don’t make the same mistakes. Read the recipe I followed here. I mostly followed the recipe except i used  store bought pie crusts and made my own pumpkin spice. Here’s what i used for my pumpkin spice – salt, a generous pinch of cinnamon, a tiny pinch of nutmeg and grated fresh ginger. Fresh ginger because i didn’t want to buy a whole packet of ground ginger for just one time. Classic pumpkin pie spice also has ground cloves in it, but i left it out because i don;t like the taste of cloves. Also, cloves remind me of toothaches! My mom would apply some clove oil on my aching tooth and I’d be fine in a jiffy. So, no cloves in my pumpkin pie 🙂

Moving on to pie crusts – If you’re making your own pie crust, you’ll be fine, But if you’re using store bought pie crusts, I suggest using a smaller pie pan. I have a 9 inch pan and my pie crust didn’t cover the whole pan. So when I put the pie crust to bake, the sides flopped down and it was nearly impossible to prop it back up, which made for a smaller shell. Smaller shell meant I could not use all of the filling, I could only fit in half of it, which is why my filling doesn’t look as high as you see in the food network pictures. Boo Hiss!

So i now have leftover pumpkin pie filling. But,I found a really cool site which lists 52 recipes for leftover pumpkin pie filling.

50 Ways to Use Up Leftover Pumpkin Puree

Hurrah for the Internet!

So that’s my pumpkin pie story. If I may say so myself, it tasted pretty darn good. I love the juxtaposition of textures in this pie. The crunchy streusel with the creamy pumpkin filling along with the cool whipped cream is a treat for your taste buds. This recipe is definitely a keeper 🙂

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