Raising Your Voice – An Anthology by Women Writers

Book Cover: Raising Your Voice - An Anthology by Women Writers

"Raising Your Voice" is an anthology of essays, poetry and short fiction, all written by women. I'm proud to be one of them. This is the annual anthology published by The Same - a trailblazing literary magazine for women.

My inclusion in this book is especially exciting because my story - "Finding Saraswati" was placed third in their short story competition. Finding Saraswati is about a new bride who moves from a small town in South India to Delhi in the turbulent 1940s. With this political scene in the background, she has to navigate her life in a new place, with a new husband and speaking a new language. How does she cope? And does she eventually find herself?

I hope you enjoy this story. I'm thrilled to share this space with 21 powerful women with their thought-provoking writing.

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