Ellipsis: An Anthology of Humorous Short Stories

Please join me as I celebrate being published for the very first time. One of my fiction pieces has been published as part of an anthology of short humorous stories. I'm featured with 16 very talented authors.

'Ellipsis' is part sarcasm, part satire and a whole lot of laughter. And the best part is, all the money we get from the sale of Ellipsis goes to charity.


Do you need a laugh? Hey, we all do! This collection will take you from reality to fantasy, from cute to profane, and from grins to guffaws. These seventeen original stories are packed with sarcasm, satire, and wickedness, and are so completely tongue in cheek there’s no way you can avoid a smile.

Authors hailing from faraway places on either side of the Atlantic Ocean, in big cities and out in the countryside, offer their insights into what we call humor. Comedy is hard work. Humor is so often experienced in a particular situation and is often impossible to reproduce. Writing funny stories must come from conditions which allow the writer to laugh at himself. If we could remember all the funny things that happen during a day (or night), we would laugh a whole lot more.

This anthology was collected with giving in mind. All comedians live to be laughed at. Giving your laughter nourishes their souls. And all the money received from sales of Ellipsis will go to charity.

Humor and humanity—after all, that’s what life’s all about.


13 thoughts on “Ellipsis: An Anthology of Humorous Short Stories

  1. saket kalikar

    Congrats Hema.

    Though I visit blogosphere only on and off, every time I visit Indiblogger, I feel like visiting Mixed Bag.

    Don’t say- I am featured with 16 very talented authors. Rather, say- I am one of the 17 very talented authors featured there. :).

    Many fictional posts on your blog make me opine this.

    1. mixedbag Post author

      Thank you very much for your encouraging comment, Saket. I haven’t seen your posts for quite some time. I do hope you’ll write soon!


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