A Nomination and a Decision

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There is so much (good and bad) advice for writers on the internet! Full confession: I read every writerly advice article I come across. Many of them advise writers to write everyday (how else will I be a writer?) I see the logic, but I have long since come to terms with the fact that it’s impossible for me to do that, as a mom of two, who’s working a full time job.

Sometimes just getting through the day is a feat. Like last month. We were all down with the regular flu and it seems like the regular flu came back with a vengeance after playing second fiddle to that hot newcomer Covid-19! My daughter suffered the worst of it—she had infection after infection and ended up having to take 17 days of antibiotics!

I didn’t write a word all month, and that’s okay. I’ve learned to put my family’s and my health and well-being first. The words will wait. I need to maintain my sanity first. And in that vein, I also made a decision.

To abandon my picture books.

I’ve written 3 and I’ve queried numerous agents and only received no’s. But this is not me giving up on them. I don’t think my heart is in it anymore. So I don’t want to expend any more energy querying and editing them. The best part is my intended audience—my kids have read my books and loved them. I’m a happy mama.

I’m getting back into the writing groove with the absolutely amazing workshop conducted by Smokelong Quarterly! That familiar joy of having written a story is back!

Plus the kind editors of 100-Word Story have nominated my story for the Best MicroFiction 2023 anthology.

Here’s the link to the story again in case you want to read—https://100wordstory.org/her-mother-my-mother/

So that’s the latest with me. I’m terrible at ending blogposts, just like I’m terrible at goodbyes (2 hours later, the guests and I are still talking at the door kinda thing), so yeah, let me know if anything exciting is happening in your writing life or real life!

2 thoughts on “A Nomination and a Decision

  1. Todd

    What a month, Hema! I hope your family gets a nice long break from being ill.

    And that story – so much packed into so few words and that last line really hit hard!


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