What do you see?

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This post is for Yeah Write’s weekly fiction/poetry challenge. This week’s prompt is “I need to be in the water”. Read on!

It had been a strange couple of weeks for Alma. The 18-year old had started her first job. Picking up the Kovalskis’ 6-year old, Zoey from school and nannying her till her parents came home from work. The Kovalskis were a good-looking family with a beautiful home. Alma was awestruck when she walked in for the first time. She thought their house looked really posh, like the ones you see in those glossy magazines. The walls were painted a light shade of cerulean blue, reminding her instantly of the ocean.

Zoey’s room was also done in the same theme. She had a big fish tank in her room and decals that made the room resemble a kelp forest. The Kovalskis obviously loved the sea. After all, Mr. and Mrs. Kovalski had first met on a deep sea diving expedition in the Bahamas. Zoey was a sweet kid with long blonde ringlets framing her soft face. She had beautiful, bright blue eyes and a sunny disposition. But there was something enigmatic about the Kovalskis, Zoey in particular.

She would disappear for hours inside her room and the novice nanny didn’t know what to do. Zoey insisted on taking a really long bath every day after she got back from school. Behind closed doors, Alma would hear strange, hard edged squeaks and chirruping sounds. Alma was confused and curious. When questioned, Zoey denied hearing anything. What was going on in here? It was a mystery and Alma was determined to find out.

It was a regular day. Zoey got back from school and went straight into her bath. A few minutes later, the strange sounds began. After about 15 minutes, Alma asked Zoey if she was done and the answer, as always was “I need to be in the water for a little longer”. Alma waited. The sounds were louder now. She tiptoed back into Zoey’s room and peeked through the tiny slit in the door near the hinges. She saw Zoey’s head from the back, her little hands playing in the water but in place of her legs was a gorgeous blue mermaid tail glistening in the water. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She craned her neck to get a better look. And this time she could clearly see the little mermaid frolicking in her element. How on earth was this possible?

A thousand thoughts raced through Alma’s head. Then fear took over. She tried to run, but in her bewilderment, tripped and fell down with a loud thud. Zoey heard the sound and called out to Alma, but didn’t hear a response. So she hurriedly took off the beautiful mermaid suit her mom had bought her for Halloween, wrapped herself in a towel and stepped out.

23 thoughts on “What do you see?

  1. Saket

    Towards the end, I thought this would be an unreal fiction, but it turned out to be a brilliant story. I appreciate the mystery you created in the first half and the way you cleverly managed to give it the story a realistic end.


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