Weekday Mornings

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Weekday Mornings

She enjoys her coffee before the chaos. Soon it’s “Mom, I’m late for school! Mom, breakfast! Honey, my tie!” She’s a juggler, a whirling dervish,


the old tape recorder turns off. The voices stop.

Ben’s passed on. The kids are away at college.

A solitary breakfast awaits her.


Photo by Ashutosh Sonwani from Pexels

19 thoughts on “Weekday Mornings

    1. mixedbag Post author

      Thank you, Sanch. Every weekday morning when my daughter is being a sloth, I keep reminding myself that some day I’ll miss this, lol!

  1. Kim Witbeck

    I was expecting “Mom chaos!” slice of life and hoping I was wrong– Which I was! I liked the sad twist and how you illustrated her loneliness with those flat, factual lines.


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