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It has been a rough two weeks. What started as a regular cold for my 3 year old progressed into a ear infection. Those pesky germs somehow found a way into her stomach and transformed into a stomach flu. Needless to say, it has been extremely exhausting for us, sleepless nights made worse by the fact that those shape shifting microbes now have us in their grip. Don’t you just love it when life gives you a cake and a cherry to put on it?

My writing has taken a hit. Fiction is out of the question for the moment, unless the universe drops a big bag of inspiration bricks on my head.

So here’s a light read for the weekend. It’s more “see” than “read”, really. It is a ‘Mixed Bag’ after all. Some wonderful things that I bought from India and Singapore.

shopping haul

I bought these little cuties as gifts for my friends here in the US. These are made from naturally dyed handmade fabrics and showcase some dying Indian art forms. This is where I bought them from – Banjaras. This isn’t in any way a sponsored post, although it would have been nice if it were.

I hid a pretty brooch inside each purse. I bought some assorted designs from Tulsi Baug in Pune.

shopping haul

Remember my last post about Pune? If you want inexpensive jewelry which looks fabulous, you need to head to Tulsi Baug. Like this pretty bracelet-

shopping haul

shopping haul

shopping haul

These beauties (above) are called chand balis, literally meaning earrings of the moon, thanks to their shape. This design originated during the Mughal era in Hyderabad and the design trickled down to street shops, so commoners like me can afford it!


This beautiful flutist comes from Singapore and now adorns one of our display shelves at home. Beautiful, isn’t she? Right next to her on the shelf is this intricate hand fan, also from Singapore.

And finally, something to soothe my sleep-deprived mommy eyes! Apologies for the horrible picture quality. It’s hard to click a good one when a crying toddler is tugging at your t shirt. Again, not sponsored, I just love this product.

So there they are, a few of my favorite things. Enjoyed this post? Hit Like!

Hope you (and I) have a great weekend!

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  1. Suchitra

    Oh Hema, so sorry to hear about all the ill health. We’ve been dealing with our own load of crappy sicknesses, fevers for all and all the things that come with it. The stupid fever didn’t even spare the baby. Hugs to everyone and hope you all get better soon.


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