Questions I wanted to ask on Quora, but didn’t

Has anyone cut and colored their own hair? My hair is 90% frizz and thick as a tropical jungle, and if I try to divide them into smaller sections, there are just too many sections to, err…section off and then I get confused about which sections I’ve cut and which ones I haven’t, so does anyone have experience cutting and coloring their own hair with similar wiry, coarse texture?

What hairstyles (other than a bun or (very) messy up-do) can I try to look put-together, modern, and un-mommy-ish and at the same time stay cool (as in, not make me sweat rivers) in 10000% humidity?

Are people ignoring me on Twitter? Why aren’t people engaging with my tweets these days? Is everyone hanging out without me? Am I tweeting too much? Not enough? Am I not funny anymore?

I unintentionally called a male cashier at the store “baby.” I was too embarrassed to say anything then, but should I go back and apologize and say that I wasn’t hitting on him, it’s just that I spend way too much time with my kids and call my toddler “baby” all day, so the word just slipped out of mouth. Or should I just stop going there altogether?

Why does my kid think I don’t know anything? I may not know how to code and sew her torn stuffed toys (Daddy does that), and I may have suddenly forgotten fractions, but I have a masters degree, dammit.

Will my yelling traumatize the kids and turn them into dysfunctional adults? How do I get them to listen to me? What should I cook that they’ll eat? (please don’t post real answers and/or parenting advice. I’ve tried everything.)

Nowadays I go into a room and I forget why I went in there. Is this normal?

Is it too late for me to begin a new career?

How old is too old to get braces? Am I going through some kind of mid-life crisis because I’m thinking of braces? If 30 is the new 20, what is the new age for mid-life crises?

What do you wear to a writers’ event on Zoom? I want to look like “Oh, this? I just threw this outfit together.”

I have high astigmatism, dry eyes, and myopia. How do I prevent my eyes from deteriorating further? Will I have to give up reading and writing?

How can I be more kind to myself?

Why am I so tired all the time? The minute after I turned 40, my back, knees, shoulders, head, everything started hurting. Is it all downhill from here? (Don’t answer that, I’m scared)


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9 thoughts on “Questions I wanted to ask on Quora, but didn’t

  1. Danielle Dayney

    Hema, I loved everything about this! It was so funny. And true. Gosh, we all must feel something like this. My brain does the same thing – questions everything. I think you did a perfect job of making this essay about questions you’d ask Quora, without bogging it down. It flowed really well.

  2. Nancy Lowell

    I think this is what’s going on in all our heads to some degree or another. I will refrain from offering any advice other than, keep breathing.

  3. Asha

    Listen, I’m 51 and I’m not going to answer your questions, other than to say it’s not ALL downhill, but do invest in good, supportive bras. Also, I can’t tell you how many shops I’ve stopped frequenting because I inadvertently called the cashier “love”, “honey”, “bub”, “baby” or something similar.

  4. Jen Mierisch

    I had to Google what Quora was, but I thought this was a great piece. I laughed out loud several times, particularly “I may have suddenly forgotten fractions, but I have a masters degree, dammit!”

  5. Shilpa Gupte

    This was so needed! My dose of laughter for the day…Thanks Hema! 😛
    I won’t give you any health dvice, although I can (I am on Quora, and answer health related questions).
    I won’t give you any kids’ related advice because I don’t have kids–only furry kids and feathered kids.
    I can give you age-related advice coz I will be 47 next month and have been through most of what you mentioned.
    All I will say, is keep doing whatever you are doing–making people smile. <3


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