Petite Vanilla Bean Scones

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Growing up, my sister and I would frequent a second hand bookstore, where we would spend hours looking for ‘Famous Five’ books by Enid Blyton. The series is about the adventures of five sleuthing cousins, Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy, their dog. I loved these books but I clearly remember getting hungry every time the famous five ate their scones with clotted cream at tea-time. I had no idea what ‘scones’ were at that time, but my mouth would always water when I read about them. Years later, fate took me to London for work and I tasted my very first scone in a café somewhere in the Cotswolds. It was everything I had imagined and more.

Starbucks now serves these petite vanilla bean scones, which I love. So when I finally found these divinely fragrant beans at Costco, the first thing I wanted to make were vanilla bean scones! I’ve always wanted to cook with vanilla beans, so this recipe is a culinary dream come true 🙂

The recipe I used is from Iowa Girl Eats. Click Here for the recipe. Mini Vanilla Bean Scones with Vanilla Glaze – What’s better than a vanilla bean scone? One with a vanilla glaze, of course! Double Vanilla, Double flavor! Kristin has used two beans  for the scones and one bean for the glaze, but I used one each. When I opened the container, the smell was so strong, I kinda chickened out and used just one 🙂 But the flavor wasn’t as strong as I had expected , so two beans for the scones will probably work out fine.

This recipe made 18 mini scones. They’re buttery and moist and perfectly poppable little treats! The vanilla cuts through the sweetness of the sugar so you get layers of flavor, not just sweet on sweet. I really enjoyed my ‘high tea’ with scones today.

And now I’m off to make some Diwali sweets. I’m so blessed to have my parents with me this year. We put up lights around the house and everything looks so festive! Here’s wishing all my readers a very Happy Diwali! I hope this Diwali lightens your load and lights up your lives!

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