Off the beaten path in San Francisco

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I told S “If we have to go see the Golden Gate Bridge one more time, I’m going to go crazy!” Every time we have guests over, that’s where we take them. It’s the same drill – Golden gate, Pier 39, Ghirardelli square, Fisherman’s wharf and so on. I guess it’s always like that with the places you live in. You take your guests to all the touristy places, but end up not exploring the city for yourself!

So this July 4 weekend, we took a trip off the beaten path to a light house and to a redwoods forest, not exactly in SF, but close. Point Reyes, the lighthouse, is about an hour’s drive from San Francisco. The drive is extremely scenic with the Pacific ocean on one side and many many gorgeous farms and windmills on the other.

More than a hundred years old, this lighthouse has helped mariners navigate the treacherous waters of the San Francisco Bay. Treacherous, because Point Reyes is the windiest and probably the foggiest place on the Pacific Coast. The lighthouse is not functional anymore, it’s a museum piece. If you plan to visit, I’d suggest you wear comfortable shoes because reaching the lighthouse from the parking lot is quite a hike. Oh and yes, bring food along. There’s nothing available till you get to the nearest town.

Muir Woods is a lot better in that aspect. There’s a cafe, although it’s technically a forest.

Feel like you’ve seen this place before? If you’ve seen ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’, you’ll know this place. There are numerous beautiful trails snaking around tall redwood trees, some of them date back to 909 AD! Imagine the things they would’ve seen. If only they could talk 🙂

Clover leaves line the path throughout the forest. I tried my best to find a four leaf clover. I think they’re a myth 🙁

If you’re planning a SF trip, please have Muir Woods on the itinerary, especially if you’re a nature lover. This is one gorgeous place. No wonder Caesar felt at home here! (planet of the Apes reference).

7 thoughts on “Off the beaten path in San Francisco

  1. Alok singhal

    Such beautiful place. I love nature; especially trails, beaches, oceans and yes, lighthouses…you can see them in some of my posts from a month back.

    Will keep this in mind if we visit SF. Thank you 🙂


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