Missed Train, Unmissed Connection

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Sorry about the crappy title. I’ve been nursing a sick, clingy child for days now. So exhausted. Anyway, I’d been coming across these tiny stories on Twitter lately with the hashtag vss365. I had no idea what it meant, but I enjoyed reading them. For some reason, I thought people were posting excerpts of their WIPs. Turns out, vss is short for Very Short Stories, which are responses to a prompt posted everyday. So last night, I posted my very first VSS in response to the prompt – “fair”. Here’s what I made out of it. 

Dark scoops of rain clouds hung low in the sky. The weather app predicted a fair chance of rain. But this looked apocalyptic.

She was a pop of yellow on the opposite platform, glancing at her watch and the tracks.

Lightning lit my way to her side and thunder clapped.

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