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Hello to the two readers of my blog! 

June was a wonderful month for my stories. Three of them found loving homes in some stunning magazines. It’s mid-July and I’ve finally found the time to breathe, spend time with family, and enjoy the torrential Mumbai rains in the comfort of my home in India, with my family (after almost three years!) , and to write this post.

In other words, this month and the next will be crickets, writing and publication-wise. I feel slightly irrelevant (*rolls eyes at instant-gratification-craving self.) 

So posting these links here. Do read, they’re very short! Hope you enjoy them 🙂 

  1. A Dosa is Like a Labyrinth‘ in Butler University’s Booth Magazine
  2. Her Mother, My Mother‘ in 100-Word Story
  3. Tempering‘, a non-fiction piece in Ruby Literary’s debut issue

Oh wait, I almost forgot! ‘Separation Anxiety‘, which was published in Nurture Literary last year–(the year in which I published close to nothing) found its spot on the hallowed Wigleaf Top 50 long list (whaaat!)

There’s more! I’ve gone from being a reader-in-residence to Submissions Editor at the illustrious Smokelong Quarterly. So if you’re a flash fiction or non-fiction writer, do send your words my way!

3 thoughts on “Latest Publications and Some News

  1. SueW

    Hema, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog today and I loved the three short stories, and your contributors notes. Thank you, 🙂

    1. mixedbag Post author

      Thank you so much, Sue! I really appreciate you taking the time to read my stories. Hope all is well with you!


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