It’s my 50th!

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My little blog has reached it’s 50th post! This is the farthest I’ve come in the blogosphere after three failed blogs, so naturally I’m very proud. A big shout out to my small band of followers on IndiBlogger and Bloglovin’ who’ve given me all the motivation and encouragement I needed to come this far. I cannot thank you guys enough.

And to celebrate, I finally paid heed to that nagging little birdie (wink wink) in my brain and made my debut on Twitter! I can be found @m_ixedbag Follow me, won’t you?

As I prepare to move forward, I’d love to hear from you! Is there anything you would like me to write more about? Any favorite recipes? Book Reviews? Or maybe you just want to come by and say hi? Whatever it is, comment away!

10 thoughts on “It’s my 50th!

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