India Shopping Haul – Part Two

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On the way to Mysore from Bangalore is a small town called Channapatna. This place is famous for its wooden toys and crafts. Every time we drive down to visit family in Mysore, there’s always a pit stop at one of the small roadside toy stores in Channapatna. The name of the store is escaping me now, but I’ll be sure to post it once (and if ) I remember. I bought a few gifts for my big and little friends and some curios for the home. So, here’s the haul –

(pic above) A set of three beautifully decorated elephants. Like my daughter says, there’s a mommy, daddy and baby elephant 🙂

(pic above) A colourful stackable wooden joker. This is a little nostalgic for me. My mother has the exact same one she bought years ago. This guy would come out during every Navratri festival when my mom kept golu ( a display of dolls kept for 9-10 days). This joker was one of my favourite dolls. So this year, I bought one for myself. Fond fond memories 🙂

Moving on,

 (pic above) My beauties! Jewel boxes – the carved one on the left is for me and the one with the inlay work on the right for a dear friend. My mom had one of these too ( I think I’m turning into my mom, haha).

 (pic above) This little guy is always jumping for joy! I call him spring-man 🙂

(pic above) How chic is this cycle! This is like one of those things those posh people with posh homes on ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ have, don’t you think?

And finally, the cutest one of all –

A bobble-head Lord Ganesha! The store carries many such bobble heads (which I love) but this one’s my favourite!

And He always answers all your prayers. You want proof?

Oh Ganpati Bappa (I’m a Punekar, what’d you think ;)), will you make me a millionaire so I can buy lots of Chanel stuff?

Hahahahaha! I so love doing that. Excuse me while I go buy a lottery ticket 😉 

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