India Shopping Haul – Part One

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In my short three-week trip to India, guess what I spent most of my time on? Other than eating and spending time with my family, of course! Shopping! First stop – Forest Essentials – a store that sells ayurvedic hair and skin care products. My sister introduced me to these products and they’re seriously good!

Disclaimer – I have not been compensated by Forest Essentials for this blog post. Although it would be nice if they did! haha! I’m writing about it because their products are natural and they have really made a difference to my super-sensitive skin 🙂 Another big plus – they smell absolutely divine!

Here’s what I bought this time –

I love these cute glass jars they come in! This eye gel, I’m telling you, this one works. I have a toddler who has always been a terrible sleeper. So I know dark circles, my friend. This little glass jar works magic on them.

Love my bath and shower oil! Honey and vanilla, how bad can that be?

Forest Essentials, If you ever decide to pay me, I don’t mind getting your under-eye gel and shower oils as compensation- you know, just saying 😉

Part 2 of my shopping haul coming soon. 

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