I’m in love!

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..with my little girl. You’d think that’s obvious, right? Every mother loves her kids. Well, truth be told, it wasn’t like this from the moment she was born. Not that I didn’t like her but it was just that it took me a little time to start liking her. I don’t know if every mother feels like this, but I did. I felt so overwhelmed when she was born and not to mention my postpartum depression didn’t make things easier for me. I thought I was trapped! Except I didn’t know then that things would change.. and how!

In the beginning, they are so clingy and needy, but what a difference it makes when they start responding! She’s a feisty little one, my M. So yesterday, she was being especially naughty and I was at my wits end. She just wouldn’t let me put her socks on and after running after her for some time, I had had it, so I snapped and yelled at her. She looked at me with a sly smile on her face and said “Mommy, don’t laugh”. And that made me laugh, heartily. My anger flew through the window and I looked at my laughing, happy bundle of joy, realizing at that moment that I was completely and overwhelmingly in love with her. I feel so lucky and blessed to have her.

So here’s my suggestion to all new moms who are going through depression and the feeling of being trapped – just hang in there. I promise you it will get better, a lot better. Our lives are back to normal now. We go out, meet friends, go out on hikes and dinners – everything I thought I would never be able to do. So please, just hang in there!

This song has just the words for what I feel for M 🙂

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