I’m a Best MicroFiction nominee!

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December has always been a wonderful month for me, writing-wise and otherwise. It’s starting to look like this year won’t be any different. Some of you might remember a little historical fiction piece -“The Red Lamp at the Somme” published by Spelk Fiction in early October. Here’s the link to the story –

The Red Lamp of the Somme

by Hema Nataraju In the time they are together, he has only taken his shirt with the red British ensign off and stared at her bare breasts before dropping off to sleep. She hates the sleepers. They’re a waste of time, especially when there’s a line of soldiers waiting outside.

Yesterday I was told that this story, my story, (eek!) is nominated for the Best MicroFiction 2020 anthology judged by writers I really look up to. So no pressure there. But right now, I’m over the moon. It’s my very first nomination in the six years that I’ve been writing and submitting flash fiction. Huge thanks to the editor of Spelk – Cal Marcius for believing in this little story. And heartfelt gratitude to my writer buddies who beta-read this and to everyone who read this story and liked or commented on it.

I can now step out of the bridesmaid’s garb I’ve donned all these years and step into the bride’s. Quickly now, wish me luck!

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