I Remember

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Something moved in the shadows. I had lived in them forever. He reached between the dark, two-dimensional silhouettes of my famous parents and dazzling sister and pulled me into the light. The blinding radiance wasn’t from the sun, it was me.


Now, in the shadows of my husband and children, I remember.


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

5 thoughts on “I Remember

  1. Christine

    I really like how your shadows are metaphorical, and how that metaphor remains consistent throughout the piece. I really *love* the image of being pulled into the light, and then the wistful ending. This idea that we cycle in and out of the shadows is really interesting.

  2. Katie E.

    This makes me think of Tahani Al-Jamil from the Good Place, with “famous parents and dazzling sister”. Also, it leaves me wondering if the ‘he’ is the ‘husband’ or if it was another relationship. Or if makes any difference to the final situation. Setting off “Me.” as it’s own paragraph works really well!


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