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In response to today’s #vss365 prompt – 100, here’s my Very Short Story.

Humans in shackles bowed to the Director.

“What have these flesh bags dug up?” He asked an overseer-bot.

“An empty packet, Sir. Radiocarbon date’s a 100 years old.”

The Director’s eye screeched, focusing on the bag. “Lady-friendly Do-ree-tos? Not the brightest species even then, I’d say.”


For those who didn’t get the Doritos reference, here’s the news article that prompted this story. Read it, it’s hilarious – Lady-Friendly Chips

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  1. Sue W-Nan's Farm

    Oh I like this Hema and your new vss365 prompts.

    By the way just in case you’re not aware, your Like button is still causing problems, the only way I can click Like is via the reader.


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