Happy Birthday to the Boy who Lived!

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It’s July 31! All Harry Potter fans, like yours truly, know what that means. It’s Harry’s birthday! Also, JK Rowling’s birthday πŸ™‚ So Happy Happy Birthday to one of my favorite authors and one of my favorite fictional characters!I celebrated by wearing my ‘Expecto Patronum’ accessory in the most nerd-like fashion.

In case you’re interested, this necklace is a gift from my super cool sister! I think she bought it from an Etsy store.

People who know me know that I am a total Harry Potter fan. Of the series, I mean, not so much Harry himself. Well, Harry’s awesome but I think Hermione is a total rockstar! Also, Neville Longbottom, Harry would be ‘The Boy who died’ without him, Haha!

Here’s a list of my favorite HP stuff –

My favorite books in the series are ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’ and ‘The Half Blood Prince’.
Favorite potions – Polyjuice (obviously) and ‘Essence of Dittany’.
Favorite Spells (I have so many but I’ll only write three here) – Expecto Patronum (my patronus is a horse, I think, or a unicorn), Accio (I wish I could use it to get things from the depths of my handbag!), Sectum Sempra (I’d like to use this on some people :))
Favorite characters (in no particular order) – Hermione, Remus Lupin, Tonks, Bellatrix Lestrange, Sirius Black, Fred and George and Dobby!
Favorite lines

I love love love the Marauder’s Map. I wish I had one like that for my toddler!

M is almost always up to no good πŸ™‚ And I’m the one who ‘manages her mischief’!

Once again, Happy Birthday, Harry and JKR! Much Love from the muggle world πŸ™‚

What are your favorite things in the HP series? Comment away!

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the Boy who Lived!

  1. shanayatales

    Yes, me too, a fan of the series in it’s entirety, not just Harry. I can’t even control my excitement as I start to read the 8th book today. Though I wish it was a real book, you know, not just a play-script, but at this point, I will take what I get.

      1. shanayatales

        So far, I am blinded by excitement, waiting for it to settle down. Will have a review up in the next few days.

    1. mixedbag Post author

      The only important memorabilia we fans need to possess are the books, which I’m sure you have πŸ™‚ What house are you in?

      1. Shailaja V

        He he should I say Gryffindor? πŸ™‚ Point being I think I’m a tad past the fan stage and more a connoisseur but I love seeing the energy around the series from others. 😊


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