Gone Fishing!

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Well, not technically fishing, but I’m going on vacation!! I just thought I should leave a note here, in case you wonder where I’ve gone missing. We leave tomorrow and I’ll be out for 15 days. I have our bags packed, but my toddler’s stuff is still piling up. I have tons of stuff to finish today, so I’m going to keep this short.

We’re going to…..**drumroll*** Spain!! It’s a ridiculously long flight from San Francisco to Istanbul and then onward to Madrid. We’ll be traveling through Madrid, Seville and finally Barcelona. We’ll be visiting Segovia, Cordoba and a few other places on the way. I’m really excited about watching a Flamenco show! With my toddler in tow, this is going to be one interesting trip 🙂

Watch this space for my trip journals. You know what would be even better? I’ll be (well, I’ll try to) live tweeting my trip. So it’ll be fun if you join me there! Here’s me on Twitter.

So long, folks! Hasta luego!

8 thoughts on “Gone Fishing!

    1. mixedbag Post author

      May will be great time to be in Spain. I'll definitely keep you updated. I'll update my blog in parts but let me know if you want me to email my itinerary to you.


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