Bad days and Cookies

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This last week has been a particularly trying one. Meera, my almost-two year old daughter suffered a febrile seizure on Mother’s Day. It was the singular worst moment of my life. It lasted for less than 30 seconds but felt like an eternity. The paramedics came, shots given, and multiple doctor visits later, we found out she has pneumonia. She’s now on a course of antibiotics and she will be fine within a week or two. But it breaks my heart to see her so listless and tired.

I wanted to make her something special and since she can eat anything and since I firmly believe that chocolate cures everything, these soft chocolate chip cookies were just what the doctor ordered (no pun intended). I found this amazing recipe on ‘Pinch of Yum’.

Click Here for the recipe.

I followed the recipe to the T. These cookies are the real deal. Absolutely melt in your mouth, soft and buttery. But do remember to read the recipe and her notes, you won’t go wrong that way.

Meera loves them. I do hope my darling feels better really soon. Hope you’re having a better week than mine 🙂

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