At the Flea Market!

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Is there a better way to spend Sunday mornings than shopping at the Flea Market? Okay, there might be a few other ways but I think shopping at the Flea Market is just as wonderful as the other things I would rather do. The weather was perfect this weekend and we had nothing much to do, so we decided to head to the San Jose Flea Market, which happens to be a really short drive from my place. Lucky me!

The San Jose Flea Market has been around since 1960 and it has gone from 20 vendors to a whopping 6000 vendors! It’s bright, it’s colorful, there’s so much to see and so much to buy, right from clothes to antiques to furniture, everything including the kitchen sink 😉 Take a look!

The Entrance

A live Mariachi band makes the market more festive.

Maybe it’s shoes you’re looking for…

Or some colorful hair accessories? (pic above)

Some candles in boots, perhaps? Or some skull masks in time for Dia de los Muertos?

Bright Piñatas with candy or dream-catchers for a good night’s sleep? (pic below)

Beautifully painted earthenware for your kitchen or just browse through some random bits and bobs (pic below)

Break for some ice-cold beer..

Or head to the nearest eatery…

My favorite is this fresh fruit stand which also serves these delicious fruit juices or agua frescas in exotic flavors 🙂 Look at those colors!

There’s a huge section for kids with bouncy castles and the works and a 1/4 mile long farmers’ market.

I tasted cactus fruit for the very first time (it’s delicious!) and bought ripe guavas after a very very long time.

The Flea Market is open on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from dawn to dusk, all year long. Hope you enjoyed this virtual tour. If you’re in the Silicon valley and have some time to kill, the Flea Market is a great idea. It’s lots of market and no fleas 🙂

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