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I haven’t posted a lot on my blog this year, but I have been busy writing, parenting, and battling Co-vid anxiety. In this year of insanity and homeschooling, I have *somehow managed to write three picture book manuscripts and half of a novel–around 40K words, and a few short fiction pieces. (*By somehow, I mean hiding in the bathroom from my kids and writing on my phone, willing inspiration to show up at naptime, waking up early, staying up late–you know, all the usual parent hacks.)

I’ve never done this before, but this year, more than ever, we need to pat ourselves on the back, even if only for surviving and getting through 2020. So here’s a list of all the places my work was published this year–online and in print.

Print :

  1. For Two Blue Lines” in Best MicroFiction 2020
  2. “Curse of the Marble Carver” in Restore to Factory Settings by Bath Flash Fiction Award! (dream come true! eek!)
  3. “The Big Bang at iBrow Studio” in Ellipsis Zine’s “You, Me & EmmyLou.”
  4. “Open House” in National Flash Fiction Day’s 2020 Anthology, “Root, Branch, Tree.
  5. “Make your Own Sandwiches” in a humor anthology by Funny Pearls – coming soon!


  1. Pet Negotiations” , a personal essay in Ellipsis Zine.
  2. “A List of Sal’s Pinterest Boards (From Oldest to Newest) and “Untitled” in Mythic Picnic’s “A Redress of Grievances.
  3. The Lies We Tell” in National Flash Fiction Day’s FlashFlood.
  4. Dreaming of Foxes” in Mac(ro)Mic.
  5. The Wheels on the Bus” in Daily Drunk Mag.
  6. Make your own Sandwiches” in Funny Pearls.
  7. Tonight” in Atlas + Alice (Nominated for Best MicroFiction 2021!)
  8. “Kings of the World”–coming soon in Sunlight Press
  9. “On My Way to Somewhere”–coming soon in Omelette Magazine.

I have a couple of pieces under consideration at a few literary magazines. I hope to hear from them soon, especially that one dream magazine that I’m in a one-sided relationship with. Wig..cough..leaf.

At the beginning of this year, I had (naively) planned to take an in-person writing course at one of the universities in Singapore, just so I wouldn’t feel so much like an imposter. Of course, that didn’t happen. But I was lucky enough to secure a place in the FastFlash workshop conducted by the illustrious Kathy Fish and I wrote a few pieces which are nothing like what I’ve written before. What a rush!

Next year, I hope those pieces find homes, so I can share them with the world. And I hope to find that elusive agent for my dear picture book babies. Are you listening, Universe? 

But most of all, I hope to see and hug my family next year. It’s been way too long.

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